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June 20, 2024 Latin Tour Testimonials

colombia women single cartagena womenWarm Latin nights. Hot Latin spice. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Our South American tour to Cartagena, Colombia is an unforgettable experience. Imagine a tropical paradise. Imagine an unbelievably romantic city. Imagine gazing deep into the beautiful dark eyes of a woman you've only had dreams about. Imagine nights that will change your life forever.

Enjoy a leisurely walk on the moonlit beach, or a late-night dinner in one of the many superb restaurants found in the Old Walled City. Cartagena offers countless romantic possibilities, and they're all waiting for you. We turn those possibilities into reality. That is the primary focus of our Romance introduce you to as many women as possible so that you can find that special one with whom you can spend the rest of your life.

You will be introduced to literally hundreds of stunning women from Cartagena, as well as other surrounding Colombian cities. Why Colombian women? They are some of the most beautiful, genuine, passionate and sincere women in the world. Make no mistake about it......these are not the kind of women you've been meeting in your daily life. It's a different story here in Cartagena. These women are extremely friendly, warm and they are sincerely looking for someone with whom they can build a serious relationship. Every year on Cartagena romance tours, hundreds of men discover for themselves that these are very special women. During your Romance tour you will attend three Large Socials, where you will meet hundreds of women. In addition to the Socials you can meet as many women as you like through our One-on-One Introductions, with the help of the professional staff at our Cartagena office. There are thousands of profiles of beautiful women of Cartagena on file there, and we will arrange dates for you with as many women as you like.

Our service doesn't stop there. We help you discover numerous unique and exciting dating ideas while in Cartagena, including Chiva Busses (party busses that stop at the popular nightclubs for fun and dancing) deep sea fishing, reef diving, guided bus tours and boat trips, unique shopping, art museums, horse drawn carriage rides, beaches, casinos, intimate bars, cafes with live entertainment and lively discotheques.

We have ONE ultimate goal. We want your Cartagena romance tours be the best experience of your life. Our romance tours are designed so that all you have to concern yourself with is meeting as many women as possible through the many different avenues provided for you. We have been providing safe, fun, exciting Romance Tours to Cartagena for over 6 years, longer than any other company. Our friendly and competent staff is at your service 24 hours a day to accommodate all your needs. For your convenience, our office is located across the street from the hotel, and the hospitality room is located in the same hotel where you will be staying.

Cartagena is an excellent choice for your Romance Tour destination, but don't just take our word for it! Read what one of our recent tour members had to say about his experience in Cartagena:

Hi John, I just returned from the Cartagena tour & thought I'd write a brief letter regarding the tour. I enjoyed the Cartagena tour immensely, it was the perfect place to go, excellent beach, perfect climate & beautiful & friendly ladies.

Cartagena is not the Colombia everyone is accustomed to hearing about, I would describe it as a beautiful, tropical paradise & I hope to return at least once or twice by year's end. I am going to recommend your tour a couple of friends whom are interested in traveling to Colombia. My Cartagena pictures have already changed a few minds about traveling to Colombia, or at least Cartagena, all said it looks like a beautiful city, & I agree.

Your AFA staff in Cartagena was great, they did an excellent job on the socials & the other excursions, Rafael & the staff made us feel very welcome. The translators were great, all were good people. I would like to mention one in particular, Roberto, I have only good things to say about this translator. His English-translation abilities & people skills were second to none. He made life very easy with the language barrier between myself & the ladies. He had good intuition & created an environment of dialogue with myself & the ladies.

When I return, I would hope Roberto could help me once again with my visit to see Yanin. I also would like to say I appreciate AFA for their tours that allow us to meet wonderful women of other cultures & see different parts of this world. Many Thanks.

Terry L.

Thank YOU Terry! Terry's experience is just ONE of the countless stories we hear all the time. A Cartagena romance tour will give you an entirely new perspective on dating. It opens up an entire new world of possibilities.

Just a short 2 hour flight from Miami, Cartagena, Colombia is one of the most striking cities in all of South America. It serves as a major tourist destination for many that live in Colombia and the surrounding countries. You will experience everything this magical city has to offer during your 11-day Romance Tour, but even that experience will pale in comparison to the beautiful, passionate, sincere women you will be meeting throughout the tour. So why not join us.......for some warm Latin nights and hot Latin spice?

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